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Feismaster Mission

Introducing Feismaster, our user-friendly system crafted to effortlessly streamline Feiseanna organization. Our aim is to simplify the entire process, providing a delightful experience for all users. Committed to continuous improvement, we actively identify and address any areas of concern, working diligently to enhance them in future updates.

We deeply value and appreciate the significance of your insightful suggestions, recognizing their crucial role in molding and elevating the capabilities of Feismaster. Your input is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the platform, ensuring it meets and exceeds your expectations. Thank you for being an essential part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Feismaster key features:

  1. registration - automatic age group assigment
    • grade dances
      • beginner
      • primary
      • intermediate
    • championship
      • premier
      • open
      • adult
      • Qualifying / Non-Qualifying gender specific
    • ceili dances
      • 2,3,4,6,8 Hands
      • Qualifying 4,8 Hands Girls/Ladies/Mixed
      • Figures
    • Custom dances
      • beginner
      • beginer/primary
      • primary
      • primary intermediate
      • intermediate
      • intermediate/open
    • limitiation / capacity
      • max. dancers
      • max. teams (*TBD)
    • Automatic registration open on selected date
    • Automatic registration close
      • on end date
      • on capacity reach
  2. Dynamic age group management
    • Allow create the age groups U5-U40 and Over.
    • Rearrange the age groups at any time
    • Automatically reassigning dancers to their appropriate age groups.
  3. Advanced Reporting
    • For participating schools
      • Automatic fee calculations
      • Generate report selected competitions/dancers
    • Multiple formats PDF/XLS
    • For organizers
      • Statistics - about feis (competitors,dancers,compettions, brutto revenue...)
      • Reports about not finished registrations
  4. Feis day
    • Advance number assigment
    • Print support for organization
    • Competitor numbers
    • Stage lists
    • Registration reports about payment EUR/Local currency
    • Results recording/preparing
      • Grade/Ceili/Custom dances (1 jury)
        • Add results
        • Automatic ordering/ties
        • Prepare output report with full names and schools in order.
        • highlight advancing dancers
        • Direct print to selected printer
      • Championship with multiple jury - (*TBD)
*TBD - This feature is planned,but not yet finished. We are are working on it.